About A Bright Morning by Teddy Temple- Annotations

About A Bright Morning by Teddy Temple- Annotations


About the Poet Teddy Temple

Born in the port city of Kisumu, Teddy Temple lives in Nairobi and is still continuing with his academics. Still an amateur, his notable poetries include Roads of love, Friendship, Always Smile, Poetic Escape and  A Bright Morning. Most of his poems are quatrains and written in simple, yet beautifully effective language. The alternate rhyme scheme followed in his poems adds a lyrical tone to them. His collection of poetry is such that can inspire the readers and ignite a glow in their hearts. Some of his writings have been published in magazines, like White Wash Dreams. His poetries are usually pastoral and have a soft theme. Temple’s poetry reflect the thoughts of a man with dreams of world peace, love and a harmonious society.

About the Poem A Bright Morning

A quatrain consisting of three stanzas, A Bright Morning is a short poem which encompasses the beauty of the early morning, hope, optimism and making a new beginning, all within its 12 lines. This poem is in sync with Temple’s pastoral style of poetry writing. The use of soft, endearing terms strikes a chord within the reader and gives out a message of peace and happiness. The poem has an alternate rhyme, which coupled together with the imagery and the poem’s theme, gives the poem a touch of melody and makes it a pleasant read.

Setting, Mood of the Poem

The title of the poem itself gives the reader vibes of optimism and positivity. A bright morning by Teddy Temple is a poem that has been abundantly sprinkled with happiness and rejuvenation. As the title indicates, the setting is of a bright morning which is filled with opportunities and hope. The mention of morning breeze, green trees and singing birds suggests it to be a spring morning. The setting also has the presence of a church, implied by the “golden bells ringing”.

Stanza wise Annotations

1st stanza:

Bright light- Morning

Ushered- Marked the start of; new beginning

Golden bells- church bells

2nd stanza:

Dance to the tune of morning breeze- sway in the gentle wind in the morning

Swaying of the trees- Trees gently move due to the gusts of wind

3rd stanza:

Wash out yesterdays’ dirt- the day before is gone, hence the bad happenings that have occurred have now been cleansed.

Glitters of hope- the day has just begun, so there is ample opportunity to make it worthy, do something commendable

Let the souls wake- regain consciousness, become aware and active, gain introspective perspective